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Senior Dog Care & Massage
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Massage is an important element of a complete wellness program for your dog and integrates readily with all forms of canine healthcare, complementing veterinary and chiropractic care.  Whether your dog is elderly, an athlete, a show dog, or simply a beloved canine companion, massage treatments can support and help maintain your dog's health and happiness.

Professional Massage and Myotherapy
Jan Smart is certified in canine myotherapy and trained in Western and Eastern massage techniques. After an initial assessment, Jan will determine a personalized course of action for your dog. In the case of injury, disease, or chronic conditions, Jan will consult with your veterinarian to coordinate an integrated approach to your dog’s care.

Myotherapy, which literally means muscle therapy, is a method for relieving pain based on manipulation of trigger points in the body.  Using Trigger Point Myotherapy can help relieve pain, swelling and stiffness, improve range of motion and flexibility, increase muscle tone, increase circulation and promote healing.

Canine Massage is the application of hands-on techniques to restore and/or maintain a dog’s physical capabilities.  Massage can be used to help dogs relax, to condition the canine athlete, to assist in recovery from injuries and to ease chronic pain.

Essential Oils
The use of essential oils dates back to ancient times. After years of research and cllinical application, oils are being used today by practitioners to relieve pain, promote healing, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance immunity. Jan offers therapeutic essential oils in conjunction with massage treatments and for purchase.

Reiki is a Japanese form of form of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki helps maintain health and heal illnesses; it complements and supports traditional treatments.

Massage Classes
Classes are being scheduled now for Introductory canine massage techniques to help your dog at home. Click here for more info about the Introduction to Canine Massage class and how to register.

We've also scheduled a Canine Assessment Massage class demonstrating technique to help assess wellness and provide the early detection of health problems. This hands-on class will cover basic techniques that help you to recognize changes and abnormalities in your dog's body. Click here for more info about the Canine Assesment Massage class and how to register.

Member of IAAMB (International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork) and ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals).
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